Meet the Creator

Heyy Lovely! 

 My name is Shanae Osborn, and I am delighted to share my passion for butterflies with you. There is something about a butterfly, and the transformation it takes, that is mysterious, yet magical. Their life cycle is quite fascinating, and I’ve always been attracted to its stunning beauty.



One day, out of the blue, my husband sends me the above pic. My immediate response was “Beautiful!”. As I stared a bit longer, outlining the details in all its oneness, I thought this is my story summed up into one pic. Now curious, I then called my husband to ask where he found the photo. He explained, he’d just finished his lunch, went to throw his trash away, and there it was. This striking, contrasted-on-a-pile-of-rubbish, Monarch Butterfly. What seemed like a fluid motion, he set down his things, and took the shot. It flew away. (Sidenote: When my husband looked up, there was about 20 eyes staring at him. Y’all, they thought he was taking a picture of the trash! Lol)

Stage 1

So, how did I relate to a butterfly on top a pile of filth? Well when life throws junk your way, you find a way to make beauty of it. Whether it was the emptiness and neglect I’d felt as a foster child. Or, the abandonment that became all too familiar during my adolescent years. Or, a combination of abuse that I witnessed being dealt towards my mother, and later would trip into the cycle myself. During those years, I was lost and looking for Shanae in many different ways and in other people. That relentless battle played on for as long as I care to measure, and it left me feeling voiceless and internally broken. Just numb, but my thoughts were constantly there running wild and I had to write them down.

Stage 2

Just as in nature, when a caterpillar is forced to transform, I to was experiencing my own major metamorphosis. The first of many breakthroughs. I had my son at the age of 14. Finally, I’d be able to pour my love into someone and my own son would pour back into my heart with his. All of my life, I’ve waited for something spectacular and here he was. I would go on to have 2 more sons in my 20s, whom are equally spectacular in their own ways.

Stage 3

Throughout my difficulties, there were times I had been defeated to my knees. The lessons I learned shook, rattled and stockpiled on me but somehow still managed to find humor or a smile or even some laughter. At times I had no idea of what I was doing, had made several wrong decisions, but I knew there was an evolution taking place within me. I had a nagging feeling that “something” great was coming, but I didn’t know what. My peace and passion had never deteriorated. I still wanted to love beyond what anyone possibly could. So, I kept on and on until one day I had had it. I was awakened! It felt wonderful, but more so like a resurrection I would imagine.

Stage 4

There comes a point in time when you must make grave, life-changing decisions. This will never change. I have had to eliminate people from my life, forgive them and move on. When we die, most of this "stuff", “trash” or “filth” won’t matter, so I was not going to let it consume me any longer. I wanted to live. IT WAS TIME TO TAKE CONTROL! IT WAS AN AWAKENING! I had the mind-power to achieve great things for myself, or adversely continue to suppress all the waste that I once let rule me. NO MORE! Life happens. Unexpected happens. Voluntary transformation can happen too. There is hope in strength, love, and mindset. I had it all along, but I could not see it until I realized spectacular had happened to me in more ways than I can be thankful for. When I think of that, I simply am grateful. 

Looking back on my life, things have always worked out, almost supernaturally somehow. When I thought it could never be, it became…Transformation will take you there!

My mission is to evoke feelings of beauty, love, and empowerment that speak to the depths of your soul! Your transformation "fix" is on its way!


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